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The Suits got together in late 2008 and spent the first few months trying to agree on a band name. Having rejected "The Fellowship of Funk" (sorry Stephen) and many others, we finally decided on "Dead Men's Suits" and made our debut under this name at Mike's birthday party in 2009.

Realising after a few gigs that we are really not that mean and moody, we dropped the "Dead Men's" and relaunched in 2010 as The Suits at the Alma in Cambridge.

The band members are:

Vocals - Hal Wilson

Hal is our head chorister.  Belting out his lead vocals or adding divine harmonies for Stephen or Richard, he's never ruffled.

Vocals - Doctor Peake

Stephen is on sabatical now (living in Scotland and sailing)  when with us he brings our performances up a notch.  Grabbing the audiences attention before ripping it up the Ouse.  An expert on climate change, don't get him started on patio heaters!

Bass - Geoff Warren
Bass - Geoff Warren

Geoff is our newest, and oldest member.  He joins us with new excitement, new bass guitar and new amp!

Not to mention some wicked new riffs.

Keyboards - Richard Cragg

Richard is our keyboard player and another vocalist.  He is the musical master in the band.  If there is a bum note he will hear it, even his own!

Drums - Phil Hadridge

Phil is the beating heart of The Suits.  Not only in rythm but in keeping us all organised.

Guitar - Phil Couch

Phil C is our axe man.  He stands unobtrusively in our back line till he lets rip with a riff or solo.

Sax - John Brock

John is our one man brass section.  Listen out for his punchy solos and wicked harmonies.

Tech - David Campbell

David is our sound engineer, the man in charge of the tech.   If it all goes quiet or dark, he's probably hit the wrong button!

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